We host web sites, databases, email, and data processing applications on our web server which is located in the DataHive data centre in Calgary. Our spam filtering is excellent. We host special applications such as:

  • data imports and exports that interface with our SQL Server database management system.

  • email blasts for professional group updates, outdoor clubs, etc..

  • web database applications. See past projects.

See the DataHive website for a description of their providers, security, power, etc. Take a tour of the data centre.

Our server features:

  • Windows Server 2012

  • SQL Server 2014

  • current design CPU

  • mirrored drives

  • scheduled backups of websites and databases, off-site backup storage

  • SmarterMail with ClamAV anti-virus and a combination of spam filters including SpamAssassin, Bayesian filtering, DomainKeys, SPF, reverse DNS, and RBL's. This results in very low numbers of spam delivered. Spam is diverted to a Junk folder that is available for inspection any time using the SmarterMail webmail application.

  • Almost 100% uptime.

  • Permanent retention traffic data and web application for analysis.

Contact us about your web hosting needs.

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