• We design and develop database application systems for desktop and web distribution. Our goal is to provide efficient and valuable systems that require little ongoing maintenance.

  • We provide all the steps required to develop database systems: business and data analysis; database and application development; user and system documentation; maintenance and enhancements.

  • We provide all the steps to achieve a company’s web presence: procuring a domain name and host; the design of graphics; site development; and instruction on how to update it. We accumulate web traffic data and provide a charting system to track it over months and years, not just over a single month. See the web sites we've developed and the Site Monitor tool we provide.

  • We supply kiosk and web-based survey systems. We also have a web system available for clients to construct their own surveys.

  • We provide system maintenance and enhancements when required. We strive to give 24-hour turnaround on system faults that stop our clients from conducting their businesses.

  • We provide custom training to our clients so that they can be as self-sufficient as possible with the maintenance of their custom software.

See a list of some of our past projects.