Here are some of our projects grouped by technical area. Most of these are custom database systems being used in the Calgary area.


  • Gas Transportation Company - We developed a complex ASP application in front of a SQL Server database. We provide maintenance on the application, database, and provide the custom web hosting for this system.

  • Sport Medicine Clinic - We have developed a web browser system to conduct online injury analysis questionnaires. This is a secure health records system.

  • Outdoor Club Calendaring web sites - we are hosting four outdoor club event scheduling sites on our web server. They are efficient, high-traffic sites with tuned SQL Server databases. The sites send prioritized email notifications to the members who subscribe.

  • Professional 360-degree feedback and custom questionnaire system. This is an ASP system in front of a SQL Server database. We also built a custom Microsoft Access database to query and report on the database.

ASP.Net Web Systems

  • Management Consulting - We developed and maintain a 360-degree professional feedback system as a web database application. A client-server database application produces reports that are used in the classroom.

  • Employee Training system - We developed, maintain, and host a .Net / SQL Server system that manages the training of about 10,000 people in the Alberta construction business. The application has special features like a four-month calendar popup and multiple character drop-down lists. The web database receives scheduled data updates from Microsoft Access databases at the client's offices.

  • Web Traffic display system - For our web hosting clients.

  • Online Document Library - This has been a great place for our consultants to collaborate documentation about our systems. Call for a Test name and password.

  • Project Tasks and Timesheets system - We developed this in a couple of days. It's used to help manage our consultants' projects and timesheet data. Call for a Test name and password.

  • Vendor Management system - For a large oil and gas producer we developed and maintain a ASP.Net application in front of an Oracle database and deployed it on their Intranet. A Microsoft Access application is linked to the same database to do the data updates.

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Database Systems

  • Data Integration and Reporting system - For an oil and gas producer we developed an application to conduct reporting on various industry-standard databases: AFE Navigator; Avocet; CS Explorer; gDC; Metrix; Mosaic; Powervision; QByte FM; Val Nav.

  • Oilfield Engineering and Procurement system - This complex Access / SQL Server system manages AFE's, estimates, purchasing, invoicing, and financial reporting for oilfield construction projects for multiple clients.

  • Alberta Registries Point of Sale system - We assumed the upgrade and maintenance of an Access / Access system that receives POS data from Alberta Registries systems. The software is used by six Alberta registries and is managed jointly by a user group.

  • Materials Testing - We developed a secured multi-user database application for materials testing data entry and reporting. The installation files and information about the system are maintained on a web page for the various client offices across Canada to download from. The reports use a graphing OCX. There is a custom Help file. We developed another database system to capture data from a Mettler Toledo electronic balance.

  • Machine Manufacturer - We assumed the maintenance of a critical Microsoft Access inventory management and billing system.

  • Heavy Duty Mechanic - We built a system that provides billing for parts and labour at a heavy-equipment repair shop. We assist in the marketing of the system for others. Microsoft Access.

  • Pipeline Operator - We developed a critical system to schedule the pipeline shipments. We've maintained it for several years since then. Microsoft Access in front of a SQL Server database.

  • Well Logging - We developed and maintained a critical service order and financial performance information system for an oil well logging company.

  • Gas Producer - We developed a critical gas and oil production reporting system in front of a Oracle database. A complementary graphing system was developed. We provided a team leader and mentor to maintain this system and upgrade several others from Access 97 to 2000.

  • Oilfield Supply - We maintained a complex inventory database application for this oilfield materials company.

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Database Replication

  • Heavy Duty Mechanic - We used Microsoft Access Replication and Synchronization to allow users to enter data in multiple copies of a database for later merging. The application has end-user functions to manage the replication and synchronization.

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  • Heavy Duty Mechanic - In an Access front-end we used the Windows Imaging components to scan and display financial documents. This involved activating the Windows 2000 Imaging components on later operating systems.

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Microsoft Access

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Multiple Regression Analysis

  • Municipal Management - We developed the first version of the City of Calgary's system to appraise residential property values using multiple regression analysis (sales comparison approach) of property valuation.

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Petroleum Production and Reservoir Engineering

  • Integrated Oil and Gas - We have experience with the design; testing; spec adherence; and help desk activities of corporate data systems. We also have a great background in petroleum subsurface artificial lift, reservoir management under water and miscible floods, and SCADA and production accounting systems.

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SQL Server

  • Web Site Traffic Monitor - Our web site traffic graphing tool connects to our SQL Server database through an Internet connection quite nicely. It's a Macromedia Flash tool. The Microsoft Access version of it connects to the same database.

  • Project and Time Tracking - We converted our own projects and billing system from an Access / Access front / back system to an Access / SQL Server version.

  • Gas Transportation Company - We work with SQL Server's DTS to automatically backup our client's database on the web host. We built an Access front-end to connect to the web host database and the local backup of the database. The application compares the web version to the local copy, does comparisons, and database growth analysis. It also monitors the use of the ASP application and any errors incurred.

  • Access to SQL Server database conversions - We have converted several critical Access / Access systems to Access / SQL Server systems.

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  • Health Records - We maintain survey system to track to progress of sports injury treatments.

  • Marketing - We have developed questionnaires and surveys for distribution on web browsers and touch-screen kiosks. They have been dressed up with Flash movies and attractive images.

  • Management Consulting - We developed and maintain a 360-degree professional feedback system as a web database application. A client-server database application produces reports that are used in the classroom.

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System Upgrades

  • Food Producer - For Y2K we upgraded several Microsoft Access system.

  • Oil and Gas Producer - We supplied a team of three people to convert about 80 Lotus Approach database systems to Microsoft Access systems.

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Web Sites

  • Government Services - We developed a web site to distribute documents to authorized users.

  • Heavy Duty Mechanic - This web site uses Flash movies.

  • Management Consulting - We developed this web site using graphics delivered to us. We developed another .Net web site with questionnaires for a 360 degree feedback company.

  • Training Company - We developed this web site to accept the online booking of training courses.

  • More web sites we've done.