This is a disclosure directed to the clients Of Headway Systems some of which may be using the Andwa calendaring system. Among other specialties, Headway Systems is a provider of webhosting and database systems maintenance. Some of Headway's clients use the event calendaring system. Andwa has named Headway the preferred supplier of hosting and maintenance for the organizations who have purchased the calendaring system.

Roy Scarisbrick is one of the owners of Headway Systems. Roy Scarisbrick is a member of organizations such as: the Elbow Valley Cycle Club, the Calgary Outdoor Club, the Calgary Culture Club, and the Norseman Ski Club. Roy is sometimes a volunteer for these clubs as webmaster, program director, and event coordinator.

Roy Scarisbrick is sometimes a paid consultant of Andwa and that Rhonda Scheurer is sometimes a paid consultant of Headway. In general, the work of Headway and Andwa is with client-server and web-deployed custom database systems.