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Title Type Editor Location Date Minutes Viewed Thumbs Up Thumbs Down Description
Fluffy Friends - Over the Years VideoCarol GuthrieCalgary20201200Fluffy Friends - Over the Years
Kenya - Hiking Mount Kenya VideoCarol GuthrieKenya2009/10183900A four day hike up Mt. Kenya.
Dry Island Buffalo Jump PicturesCarol GuthrieAlberta2005/05 2900A few pics.
Orcas Island Bike & Hike PicturesCarol GuthrieB.C.2004/05 1300A few pics.
Abbot Pass PicturesCarol GuthrieAlberta / B.C.2002/09 3010A few pics.
Bow Falls PicturesCarol GuthrieAlberta2002/08 2200A few pics.
Waterton PicturesCarol GuthrieAlberta2002/08 3200A few pics.
Waterton Hike and Bike PicturesCarol GuthrieAlberta2002/08 3200A few pics.
Yoho¬† Backpack PicturesCarol GuthrieB.C.2002/07 2700A few pics.
June Hikes and Bikes PicturesCarol GuthrieAlberta2002/06 2800A few pics.
June hikes and bikes 2002 PicturesCarol GuthrieAlberta2002/06 2800A few pics.