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Mountain Biking

Title Type Editor Location Date Minutes Viewed Thumbs Up Thumbs Down Description
Mud and Blood PicturesRoy ScarisbrickEverywhereTimeless 17273A few pics of blood and gore. PG13.
Whistler 2016 VideoCarol GuthrieB.C.2016/0861431Mountain Biking in Whistler, BC. For most of us it was the first time using the terrain park and OMG, it was fun. The ride from Top of the World was amazing. The rest was all self propelled up and down.
La Ventana, Baja VideoSteve AndrewsMexico2014/1153531Mountain biking in the desert at La Ventana, Baja. Cool aerial shots.
Hymasa - Captain Ahab VideoCarol GuthrieMoab2014/0472721Hymasa - Captain Ahab
Minnewanka Shuttle 2013 PicturesGord ParkerBanff2013/07 3451Minnewanka Shuttle 2013 - after the flood
Minnewanka Shuttle 2013 VideoMike SekellaBanff2013/07193121Minnewanka Shuttle 2013 - after the flood
West Bragg Creek VideoMarty StanvickCalgary2013/0723111West Bragg Creek - Ranger Summit and Strange Brew
Minnewanka 2013 PicturesCarol GuthrieBanff2013/05 2611Minnewanka 2013
Jumping Pound Ridge 2012 VideoCarol GuthrieAlberta2012/0933011Jumping Pound Ridge 2012
Minnewanka Mountain Biking 2012 VideoCarol GuthrieBanff2012/0923211Minnewanka Mountain Biking 2012
Irina Goes Mountain Biking VideoCarol GuthrieB.C.2012/05104421Mountain biking in Invermere.
Whistler 2011 VideoRoy ScarisbrickB.C.2011/0944413Whistler 2011. Very low budget movie.
Rossland Ladies Camp VideoCarol GuthrieB.C.2011/0891711Rossland Ladies Camp
Revelstoke Macpherson Trails VideoRoy ScarisbrickB.C.2010/0888032Revelstoke's Mount Macpherson trails. Low quality seatpost-cam.
Burns Falls VideoRoy ScarisbrickAlberta2010/0784512A group of six ride from Elbow Lake over the Sheep Pass searching for the elusive Burns Falls. One rider makes it. Low quality seatpost-cam and phone video. Great clips of all the Sheep River crossings.
Fernie 2010 VideoCarol GuthrieB.C.2010/0723116131The best Fernie video. High quality filming and editing.
Minnewanka Shuttle 2010 VideoRoy ScarisbrickAlberta2010/0774131Another shuttle through Minnewanka. A gorgeous day but this is just a bit of low quality seatpost-cam material.
Jumpingpound / Cox Hill VideoRoy ScarisbrickAlberta2010/0644811Jumpingpound Ridge and Cox Hill. A quick-edit seatpost cam flick.
Jasper 2010 VideoCarol GuthrieAlberta2010/05158861May long weekend in Jasper. High quality filming and editing.
Night Riding VideoJames Van BenthemUtah2009/1182311helmet-cam video
Amasa Back - Moab, Utah VideoJames Van BenthemUtah2009/1063511helmet-cam video
Bear Claw - St. George, Utah VideoJames Van BenthemUtah2009/1051411helmet-cam video
Kenya - Biking Mount Kenya VideoCarol GuthrieKenya2009/10224641Three day mountain bike down Mt. Kenya.
Klondike Bluffs and Baby Steps VideoJames Van BenthemUtah2009/105911helmet-cam video
Kokopelli, UPS, LPS, & Porcupine Rim VideoJames Van BenthemUtah2009/1092211helmet-cam video
Laurie's VideoJames Van BenthemUtah2009/1011811helmet-cam video
Slickrock VideoJames Van BenthemUtah2009/1051311helmet-cam video
Thunder Mountain VideoJames Van BenthemUtah2009/10121911helmet-cam video
Fernie 2009 VideoJames Van BenthemFernie2009/09112121helmet-cam video
Kimberly VideoCarol GuthrieKimberly2009/0931411A cruise around the cross-county ski trails in Kimberley.
Around the Misty Range VideoCarol GuthrieAlberta2009/0882711Multiple creek crossings, stunning views, a grunt up to Rickerts Pass, but 12 km of downhill. Well, mostly downhill.
Bend, Oregon VideoCarol GuthrieOregon2009/0852211A mix of great trails that wind through a cedar forest. Fast, flowy, and very hot in August.
Downhilling VideoJames Van BenthemAlberta2009/0811911helmet-cam video
Idaho Peak, New Denver VideoCarol GuthrieB.C.2009/0821211A look at one of New Denver's cross country trails.
Oregon Shuttling, Oakridge VideoCarol GuthrieOregon2009/0861111Mountain Bike Oregon's shuttling camp.
Revelstoke Keystone VideoCarol GuthrieB.C.2009/0882911Revelstoke's Keystone Standard Basin. Unbelievably scenic single track trail along alpine meadows. It’s got it all. 22.6 km return.
Seven Summits VideoCarol GuthrieB.C.2009/08103311An Epic Ride. 30+ km traversing a high elevation route along seven major summits. Lots of climbing, stunning views, and great descents.
Fernie Big Money VideoCarol GuthrieFernie2009/0722511A grueling climb to the top but a wickedly fast descent.
Fernie Rescue VideoCarol GuthrieFernie2009/0732311The evacuation of a rider with a broken leg on Fernie's Big Money trail.
Fernie Verboten VideoCarol GuthrieFernie2009/0761911Some of Fernie’s finest trails - Verboten, Dem Bones, Mushroom Head, Lactic Ridge, The Slunt, Broke Back Ridge.
Powderface Ridge VideoRoy ScarisbrickAlberta2009/07111221Seatpost-cam and boob-cam with AC/DC. Definitely a cult film.
Jumpingpound Ridge VideoJames Van BenthemAlberta2009/0661021James Van Benthem's helmet-cam video. Downhill action.
Smith Creek VideoCarol GuthrieB.C.2009/0681112Smith Creek area near Kelowna.
Crawford Crash VideoCarol GuthrieKelowna20095000Roy crashes at Crawford.
The Hard Way VideoJames Van BenthemEverywhere200951211COC seapost and helmet-cam video: flips; tricks; dunkings; and general carnage on the trails over 2009.
Nose Hill VideoRoy ScarisbrickCalgary2008/102811A quick-edit helmet-cam video. Fall on the Hill.
Minnewanka Shuttle 2008 VideoRoy ScarisbrickAlberta2008/0921011A quick-edit helmet-cam video. (Camera failure.)
Spruce Lake VideoRoy ScarisbrickB.C.2008/0891811Stunning rides in the south Chilcotin around Spruce Lake near Goldbridge B.C. Nice shots but low-budget.
Quirk Creek VideoJames Van BenthemAlberta2008/0728911James' helmet-cam video.
Fernie 2008 VideoRoy ScarisbrickB.C.2008/06121911 
Prairie Link VideoJames Van BenthemAlberta2008/06181111Helmet-cam video. Some successful - and unsuccessful - creek crossings.
Heart-Jewel-Prairie View-Race Course PicturesCarol GuthrieAlberta2007/08 2711A few pics.
Whistler 2007 VideoRoy ScarisbrickB.C.2007/0852213 
Moose Packers PicturesCarol GuthrieAlberta2007/07 2911A few pics.
Bolton Weekend VideoCarol GuthrieAlberta2007/0781721Around the Misty Range and Mount Baldy.
Minnewanka Shuttle 2006 VideoRoy ScarisbrickAlberta2006/0861111Twistin' by the pool.
Whistler 2006 VideoRoy ScarisbrickB.C.2006/0871951The best Whistler movie.
Drumheller VideoCarol GuthrieAlberta2006/0552011 
Jasper 2005 VideoCarol GuthrieAlberta2005/0881521 
Fernie 2005 VideoRoy ScarisbrickB.C.2005/07141511 
Minnewanka 2005 VideoRoy ScarisbrickAlberta2005/0661311 
Friends of Kananaskis Trail Work Party PicturesCarol GuthrieAlberta2005/05 611A few pics.
Minnewanka Shuttle 2004 PicturesCarol GuthrieAlberta2004/09 2411A few pics.
Around the Misty Range PicturesCarol GuthrieAlberta2004/08 2311A few pics.
EVCC Mountain Biking PicturesCarol GuthrieAlberta2004/07 2311A few pics.
Minnewanka Rides TextRoy ScarisbrickAlberta2004 - 2008 2311A history of Lake Minnewanka shuttles and in-and-outs.
Fernie 2003 PicturesCarol GuthrieB.C.2003/07 2711A few pics.
Fernie 2003 VideoRoy ScarisbrickB.C.2003/0751421The first Fernie flick. Old and grainey. More log riding and crashes than any other.
Jasper 2003 PicturesCarol GuthrieAlberta2003/05 1311A few pics.
Golden PicturesCarol GuthrieB.C.2002/09 1711A few pics.
Radium PicturesCarol GuthrieB.C.2002/07 1911A few pics.
South Island Junket PicturesCarol GuthrieNew Zealand2002/03 1721This is a journal of the South Island Junket 2002: one week of the most awesome mountain riding in the most awesome setting anywhere!
Waiheke Island - New Zealand PicturesCarol GuthrieNew Zealand2002/03 911A few pics.
Rotorua New Years PicturesCarol GuthrieNew Zealand2002/01 1011Rotorua New Years
Taupo - New Zealand PicturesCarol GuthrieNew Zealand2001/12 1011 
Mountain Biking - New Zealand PicturesCarol GuthrieNew Zealand2001/11 1311A few pics.
Blue Rock Shuttle PicturesCarol GuthrieAlberta2001/07 2211EVCC
Nelson PicturesCarol GuthrieB.C.2001/07 1811EVCC
Summer Solstice PicturesCarol GuthrieAlberta2001/07 2011EVCC